Safest Website For Android APK Download

There are very few people who would complain about the number of applications on the Google Play Store. The Play Store has hundreds of thousands of applications of all types in all parts of the world. People can get applications to serve most of their wants using the Play Store. But there are still some APKs that are not there on the play store. Sometimes this is because the app is not available at a particular location. Other times, its because Google does not think the app is safe enough. There are also many other possible reasons. 

One of the big examples of this is the Spotify app. For many years, the Spotify app was only available in the United States and the United Kingdom. While it is available in many more countries, there was still a time not on the Play Store in many countries. This was a huge problem for people because Spotify has one of the world’s biggest music libraries. 

But fortunately, some websites offer a solution to this problem. When people could not download Spotify from the Google Play Store, they used to directly download the APK version of the app from Spotify’s website. This is the case for many other APKs that are not available on the Play Store. They can simply go to different websites on the internet and download the APK files. They can then install these files on their phones directly. 

Safest Website For Android APK Download

1. APK Mirror

APK Mirror is a very popular website for downloading APK files for Android phones. The developers of this website are the same as the developers of Android Police. Thus, they like to ensure a high level of safety on their websites. The website keeps very strong policies to ensure security. They verify all the APKs available on the website to stave off suspicious activity. If the website thinks that an APK file might be harmful, it won’t publish it on its site. Thus, it is one of the safest websites for safe Android APKs. 

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2. APK Pure

APK Pure is a great site for people to download APK files for games and apps on Android phones. The website has a very convenient user interface. People have no difficulty finding what they need and navigating through the website. The website ensures that all files available are safe to download and install on phones. A thing to note is that the website does not allow mod applications on its website. It does allow other applications that are not there on the Google Play Store.

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3. Aptoide

root their phones. Even so, it is still one of the best options available.

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APK-DL gets many of its APK files directly from the Google play store itself. Since the play store only has safe applications, users can thus also trust APK-DL. The website has very good visuals, and it is easy to use. The only issue is that the developers have not been keeping it up-to-date. Regardless of this, it is one of the best websites for safe Android APK downloads.

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5. APK4Fun

APK4Fun makes sure to verify and constantly check the applications and games available on the website. The feature that makes this website one of the best is the organization of the website. It has a great interface, which makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for. It lists applications and games, just like the app store. This is why it is one of the best sites for safe Android APKs.

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6. APK Bucket

The APK bucket website does not have anything too special for users. Like APK4Fun and APK-DL, it sources the APK applications from the Google Play Store URLs for users to download. APK Bucket is a reliable and safe option among websites for users looking to download APK files.

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7. Softpedia

Softpedia is more popular among computer users. This is because it provides great software for operating systems like Windows and Mac. But many people do not know that it also allows users to download APK files. Softpedia has built a name for its self by providing safe software. Thus, it is safe to download APK files from this website.

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8. Apps APK

App APKS has very good developers. The site is easy and convenient to use. What makes this app extremely safe is that the developers manually scan each application they upload. They ensure that no APK file has any malicious software before they upload it to the website.

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9. Android-APK

security threats to their phones. It is very easy, quick, and safe to download from this. This is why it is also one of the best websites for safe Android APKs.

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10. APK-Store

APK-Store is not a very special option. But it is still a reliable and safe option if users do not like the other options. It also sources all its applications directly from the Google Play Store, which means that the applications are now safe.

Visit APK-Store

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There are still many applications that are not available on the app store. But people might need those applications. To ensure you do not compromise the security of their phones, you must visit the above sites to get the application they want without putting their phones at risk. The above list contains all the best sites for safe Android APK downloads, and users will not be at risk after using these websites.