PUBG Medals list with their meaning

is one of the most famous games trending today. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or not, you must have heard about PUBG. The game was launched in 2017, by PUBG corporations, which works under South Korean video game company Bluehole. Gamers of all ages loved PUBG, and with millions of downloads, the game became the most downloaded game on play store by 2019.

The game, as the name suggests, is a fighting action game. The reason behind such popularity is that the game is one of the best multiplayer battle royale games, where you can play online even with complete strangers. Its most unique feature is that you even get to communicate verbally with other players while playing, which makes taking in-game decisions more cooperative. 

Whether you are an Android user or an iPhone lover, the game is easily available to download on the play store as well as the App Store on Apple. With its advanced graphics, real like themes, and backgrounds, the game never lags and gives you an on-field experience. It is also available in the PUBG lite version, which takes less storage space than the giant size of PUBG. It can be easily downloaded in your phone to have the same gaming experience while taking lesser storage space. 

involved, and it doesn’t matter whether you win or you lose, you ought to get some medals. PUBG is a multiplayer game that never lets you get bored while playing since it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; you will enjoy the game for sure! Though the last man standing will get the popular ‘ Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. ‘

PUBG Medals list with their meaning to get you chicken dinner

with their meaning, from the beginning till the end. 

1) Terminator 

. It is the highest PUBG medal one gets, as we see nothing left to do once someone achieves the famous winner-winner. You know what!

2) Terminator (gold) 

3) Gunslinger 

is about just 7-10. 

4) Marathon Man

Marathon Man is a PUBG medal given to a player when he/she covers about 1000+ distance with the help of his/her feet. There is no doubt why it is called Marathon Man. But why isn’t it Marathon Woman? That seems like another topic to discuss, so let’s just adjust to the term ‘Marathon Man.’

5) Nugget Dinner 

Nugget dinner is given to a player who, just like a terminator, is the last man standing but has just made 5 or lesser kills. So, it is a substitute for chicken dinner. 

6) Berserker

, which is quite easy to get. You only need to survive in the game for more than 20 minutes and kill 3 or more enemies with 800+ damage.

7) Survivalist 

survivor. That means a player has to survive for more than 25 minutes with minimum damage and kill. It is even easier to get a Survivalist than Berserker.

8) Chicken Master

known as Chicken Master. Just because you didn’t get a chicken dinner, doesn’t mean you can’t get a Chicken Master.

9) Long Bomber 

is to get killed by a headshot from a fairly good distance.

10) Dead Eye

If you can get a good shot using a sniper, then the chances are that you are a Dead Eye. After all, you need some great skill to do it using a sniper. 

11) Golden Boy

since the medal is given to a player who wins with zero damage and zero kills. Though we wonder why it is a boy and not a Golden girl, once again. 

12) Grenadier 

grenade bomb to be a Grenadier. You see, this one’s not that difficult too. 

13) Armour Expert 

Armour Expert, as the name suggests, is the player who has grade 3 armor and vest.

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14) Gladiator

is nothing like that. It is given to a player for getting two or more kills using any of the melee weapons. 

15) Scavenger 

, you can easily be a Scavenger. All you need to do is loot more than two airdrops.

16) Curator 

The curator is a player whose backpack is full throughout the game. 

17) Medic 

As the name suggests, Medic is a player who can recover more than 500 players. 

18) Finisher

In the final circle, when a player finishes and already damages the other player, he is medalled as a Finisher.

19) Prone to Prone

must be knowing about it. To get this, a player needs to have 2+ kills while prone. 

20) Life Saver

If a player resurrects his teammates more than three times in a game, he is a lifesaver. 

21) Skyfall 

he gets is Skyfall. Though the name Skyfall reminds me of a famous movie. 

22) Wild Shot

without doing damage to more than 10 of your enemies, you get a Wild Shot.

23) Suicide Squad 

that probably nobody will want to have. When a player accidentally kills himself/herself, he is given a medal of Suicide Squad as a memento of his/her misfortune, or better to say not-so-apt playing style.

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24) Sir Miss-a-lot

Good at dodging; if a player can escape a good amount of shots, then he/she gets Sir Miss-a-lot. 

25) Masochrist

It is very much similar to the Suicide Squad. If a player accidentally damages himself/herself through a grenade, then he/she is a Masochrist. 

26) Helpless

If you, as a player, get knocked down more than three times, you get the medal with the name of what you’ve become— Helpless!

27) Freeloader 

who can survive the entire game without getting a kill on duo or squad has meddled as a Freeloader.

28) Road Rage 

As the name suggests, if a player can kill more than two of his enemies with a running vehicle, he is medalled Road Rage.

29) Too Soon

This is a PUBG medal that every player who has played for the very first time must have achieved. If a player dies within three minutes of landing, he/she is obviously given a Too Soon.

30) Couch Potato 

When the team gets a high rank, but the player dies really soon, this medal is bestowed. 

31) Flying Fish 

If a player falls from a height and lands in water for 3+ times in a game, he/she gets this medal. 

32) Fight Club 

If a player is able to kill more than two of his opponents via punch, he/she is worthy of the medal Fight Club.

33) Eagle Sight

Red Dot Sight to kill his enemies situated at a really long distance, this medal is given.

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is a game meant for you to kill your extra time and not at all the time you should spend on other valuable things in life.