Find Your Facebook Friends Hidden Email ID

Facebook is a social networking site that continually gains prominence among people. The trick, going to be shared with you here, will effortlessly make you feel like a hacker. We all know we can’t directly view our friend’s email address on Facebook because of its strict confidentiality protocols. So here is a way by which you can conveniently uncover the secret email address of your friend.

Find Your Facebook Friends Hidden Email ID

For knowing your friend’s confidential email address, there is no need for any third-party app. The only thing you need is a Yahoo account. The steps below will show you How to find Facebook friends hidden email ID.

You need to own a Yahoo account, as mentioned above, and thus, if you don’t have one, create.

Login your Yahoo account and go directly to the contact directory.

Once you go into your contact directory, import your ‘Facebook’ contacts.

With this, the email addresses of all your Facebook friends will be visible to you now.

Note: Some people might be using their mobile number and not email addresses. Therefore those people will not be visible to you.


It would somewhat look like :

Source Code . At the bottom of the page, you will see the target’s email id. 

You will see the following format:


To get the person’s email id, replace \u0040 with ‘@.’

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Congratulations! You are a hacker now. Lol. Now impress your friends with your magical tricks.