Best Custom ROMs to Customize Your Android Phone

Looking for Custom ROMs to customize your Android phone? Don’t worry in this article we will discuss 5 best custom ROMs you can use to change your device’s look and behavior.

Phones now have many features that people love. Every year, the features on phones keep increasing, but people still want more. Many people might find that their phone does not have something they need. This is why these people love Android. Android is an open-source platform. Due to this, different developers can contribute to the software. Moreover, everyone can customize their own phones to suit them best.

latest Android updates. The phone will also stop supporting new applications, and it will start getting slower as the phone is not optimized anymore.

This is where the open-source platform becomes a great help. People might not want to get a new phone, but they also do not want to have a slow phone that is not up-to-date with all the newest features and applications. To solve this problem, people can download and use custom ROMs on their rooted Android phones. There are many different options for custom ROMs. This article will take people through the best custom ROMs for rooted Android phones.

What Are Custom ROMs?

It is important to understand what custom ROMs actually are before we look into the best custom ROMs for Android phones. Custom ROMs are basically about a phone’s firmware. Since Android is open-source, people can change the android code and then customize for different types of devices. Through a custom ROM, people can completely change the way their phone works.

When people buy their phones, they get the same ROM as in all phones of the same type. It is the stock ROM. This is the operating software that is already there on the phone. The company that makes the phone decides how this stock ROM will work. But through a custom ROM, a user can make their phone work as per their liking to a certain extent. 

The important thing for users to know is that they cannot just use custom ROMs on any normal Android phone. There are two things a user needs to do before using custom ROM on their phone. The first is that they need to unlock the bootloader for their phone. In colloquial terms, this is essentially rooting your phone. 

Best Custom ROMs to Customize Your Android Phone

The following are the best custom ROMs for users to download:

1. Lineage OS

CyanogenMod . CyanogenMod was one of the best custom ROM available, but its creators stopped development in 2016. Other developers were not willing to let this ROM die out, however. Thus they kept the project going and simply changed the name to Lineage OS. 

This ROM supports over 190 devices, and many other developers also use Lineage OS as the source for the code of their own custom ROMs. While other ROMs offer more features, LineageOS is simply the best at keeping battery usage low, and it also manages the RAM very well. People can also still some things, such as the status bar and the theme. Lineage OS is also great at keeping the phone secure and ensuring stable performance.

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2. Pixel Experience

Pixel phones . This ROM is also available for many different types of phones. 

Moreover, the ROM strives to ensure maximum privacy on phones. The ROM has many people maintaining it around the globe, and they are quick to solve any bugs that may arise on the ROM. If someone wants to get the Google Phone experience, Pixel experience is the best custom ROM for their rooted Android phone.

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3. AOSP Extended

AOSP stands for the “Android Open Source Project.” AOSP Extended simply extends on the original source code. Additionally, it takes code from other ROMs to add their best features to AOSP Extended. Since it takes a lot of code from the original code, installing the AOSP code will still give a very smooth experience. The AOSP Extended also many great features that allow users to change the status bar, lock screen, and multiple other settings. This custom ROM is also very regular with new features so people can constantly keep customizing their phones.

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4. crDroid

There is nothing revolutionary about crDroid, unlike some of the other ROMs on the list. This custom ROM does not allow the user to change a lot of features. It simply allows us to make small changes to the stock Android ROM. However, it is still one of the most popular ROMs in the world because crDroid is perfect for people who do not want to change too much. The developers are constantly updating the ROM to make sure it supports outdated devices. crDroid is the perfect option for people who do not want to lose the stability of stock Android.

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5. Havoc-OS

Havoc-OS is the dream for someone who wants to change many things on their phone. There is no other Custom ROM available that allows the user to change so many features on their phone. Initially, it will feel like there is nothing special about this ROM, but once a user gets comfortable with it, they will truly realize how much this ROM allows them to customize their phones. The only reason why Havoc-OS is not the best custom ROM for rooted Android phones is that it does not always provide stability on the phone. This can cause the phone to lag and crash sometimes.

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There are undoubtedly other great custom ROMs that people can use based on their specific needs. But the custom ROMs in the above list will generally satisfy the needs of most people who want to customize their phones. They offer good stability on phones, allow a great degree of customization, and don’t compromise the security. This is why they are the best custom ROMs for rooted Android phones.