7 Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking

Hacking has a bad reputation. The moment people hear the word “Hack,” they immediately connotate it to a crime. But what most people do not realize is that there is so much more to hacking than conducting illegal activities. In truth, most companies in the world need to resort to hacking to ensure their digital safety. The term for this type of hacking is Ethical Hacking. 

breaches in their servers . Ethical hackers can not only point out these problems, but they can also suggest solutions to them. 

Ethical hacking has taken on great importance in today’s day and age. There are many hackers out there in the form of terrorist organizations and cybercriminals who want to hack into company servers. They can then use this to access sensitive data or extort a large amount of money from these companies. Moreover, the world is becoming more and more digital, and cybersecurity takes even more prominence. Hence, most companies with a strong digital base consider ethical hacking to be very important for them.

legal guidelines on this matter. Thus, legal knowledge becomes imperative. They must also update themselves with any new types of threats in the digital world. If they don’t, they risk exposing their clients to cybercriminals. 

7 Best Websites To Learn Ethical Hacking From

1. Hack This Site

Hack This Site has many things that make it the best. First and foremost, however, is that this website is free and completely legal. Some people might not want to spend money on learning Ethical Hacking, and this website does not exclude them. It has great content on ethical hacking, with a wide array of excellent articles for people to browse through. 

Moreover, what makes this website great is that it allows people to test their learning simultaneously. There are many different types of application-based challenges for ethical hacking that people can complete to test themselves. It enhances the learning experience of this website.

2. Hacking Tutorial

Hacking Tutorial is one of the best websites to learn ethical hacking and it has a huge collection of publically-available information on cybersecurity and ethical hacking. There are thousands of tutorials for people to learn. Moreover, all tutorials are in PDF format, so people can download and learn ethical hacking even without network connectivity.

Python and SQL . Another great feature of this website is that the operators constantly update it with the latest news related to ethical hacking and its tools.

3. Hack A Day

cryptography , and even ethically hacking through GPS and mobile phone signals. Moreover, the website also has many projects and competitions to engage aspiring ethical hackers.

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4. EC-Council

EC-Council is the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants. Unlike the other websites on this list, EC-Council provides an actual certification in many different aspects of Computer Science. People can get certification in many different fields of study, such as disaster recovery and e-business. EC’s council best course, however, is their Certified Ethical Hacker course, which takes people through the entire details of the field of Ethical hacking and teaches them all the important things. 

Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, Certified Secure Computer User, and Licensed Penetration Tester are other great courses on the website. All of these certifications can help people advance in the field of ethical hacking. For people looking to add credibility to their status as an ethical hacker, getting a certification from EC-Council is the way to go.

5. Metasploit

The greatest thing in Metasploit’s favor is that it is an organization that is actually involved in helping organizations secure their networks. It is the world’s largest software for testing penetration protocols. The company also discovers vulnerabilities in network security. The website posts regular blogs on ethical hacking, which details the latest updates in ethical hacking software and important news regarding the field. It is a great website to not only learn about the world of Ethical Hacking, but it also helps a lot in staying up-to-date with all the important things.

6. Udemy

Udemy is unlike all the other websites on this list. This is because all the other websites specialize in the field of teaching or applying ethical hacking. But Udemy is an online learning platform that covers thousands of topics. Anyone can upload and sell a course on this website. Due to this, some of the best ethical hackers in the world have uploaded course on this website.

NMap , and many more.

7. Youtube

Youtube is the most open secret in the world. The website has millions of videos on every category possible. Due to this, it also has some amazing videos on Ethical Hacking. Many of the websites on this list operate their Youtube channels, so people can learn. There are also many other channels that will teach people the basics of ethical hacking in a very simple manner. Youtube is an amazing option for all those who just want a basic understanding and do not want to dive too deep.

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Ethical hacking, as a profession, is emerging to be a highly lucrative option. There is a great effort from cybersecurity professionals to remove the negative connotations that come with the word “Hacking.” The ethical hacking websites in the list above are leading the charge in educating people about the world of Ethical Hacking and how it is imperative in this digital age.