25 Best Encryption Software For Windows

The world is becoming increasingly digital every day. People are using their personal computers more and more. But what people do not realize is that as they connect more with the rest of the world using the internet, they also expose themselves. There are many people on the internet just waiting to hack into computers and get people’s personal data. 

People are trying more and more to protect their Windows laptops using encryption software. Personal computers usually have data pertaining to bank information and much other confidential information. Losing such information can be catastrophic for people as they stand to lose a lot. Thus, people are constantly looking for the best encryption software for Windows.

25 Best Encryption Software For Windows

The following are the best encryption software for Windows computers:

1. AxCrypt

AxCrypt is arguably the best Windows encryption software available for users. It is perfect for encrypting all types of files on computers and laptops. Most digital security experts recognize AxCrypt as the best open-source encryption software. Users usually do not have problems using the software as it is very easy and convenient to use. They can easily encrypt or decrypt any file of their choosing. It is a premium subscription, though, so it is mostly a great option for people who need to protect many different things on their devices.

Download AxCrypt

2. DiskCryptor

SSD drives, and even the drive partitions on their device. It is certainly one of the best Windows encryption software.

Download DiskCryptor

3. VeraCrypt

The best thing about VeraCrypt is that the developers quickly patch all the loopholes and security risks as soon as someone discovers them. VeraCrypt does not allow users to encrypt single files, but it does an excellent job encrypting entire partitions and drives. It is very fast, and more importantly, it is free. So if someone does not have too much confidential information, and they simply want to protect a few things, VeraCrypt is the way to go.

Download VeraCrypt

4. Dekart Private Disk

Dekart Private Disk is much like VeraCrypt in that it is a rather simple tool to use. It does not have many features, and it creates a virtual encrypted disk. It then mounts this disk as a real disk. It is slower than VeraCrypt, but it is still one of the better options among encryption software for Windows. 

Download Dekart Private Disk

5. 7-Zip

7-Zip will not help users encrypt entire drives or partitions. But it is one of the best software for individual files. 7-Zip is completely free to download and use. It is more popular among people to compress and share files over the internet. Users can compress their files, then password-protect them as they go across the internet. The recipient can still access the file without a password, but no one else can. It is a great option for amateur users, but advanced users will not love it too much.

Download 7-Zip

6. Gpg4Win

Gpg4Win is an amazing encryption software when people want to share files over the internet. The software provides some of the best encryption for such files and protects them using digital signatures. Through this, the software ensures that no one but the recipient of the file can read the file. Gpg4Win also ensures that if someone is receiving a file, it comes from specific sends and not from strange sources. 

Download Gpg4Win

7. Windows 10 Encryption

This is the pre-installed encryption that Windows 10 operating system devices offer to users. Users need to have a valid Microsoft subscription, and they need to sign in to access this encryption. Microsoft will automatically upload the user’s recovery key to its servers. It offers extremely strong encryption and has most of the relevant features.

8. Bitlocker

People who own the latest versions of the Windows 10 operating system will already have Bitlocker on their devices. It offers encryption for entire drives and disks on a computer. It has some of the best encryption among software and offers cypher block chaining encryption. Bitlocker does not allow unauthorized people to access data on a computer’s hard drive. It is one of the toughest encryption software for hackers to crack.

Download Bitlocker

9. Symantec Endpoint Encryption

Symantec is third-party encryption software that which people have to pay to use it. It is an amazing option to secure files and sensitive operations. The software has easy passphrases, data recovery options, local data back-up options, and other great features.

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10. Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive is the best encryption software to protect USB drives. The software can create hidden, and encryption partition drives on USBs. This is a great option to protect private files on a USB. It is because it is easy to lose USB drives, and that can comprise confidential information. Rohos Mini Drive will password protect the files and have strong encryption to go with it.

Download Rohos Mini Drive

11. Challenger

cloud encryption , and many others. It is truly a great option among the best encryption software for Windows devices.

Download Challanger

12. AES Crypt

AES Crypt is available on many different types of operating systems. The software uses the highly popular Advanced Encryption Standard, which makes it easy to encrypt files safely. It is easy to encrypt files using the AES Crypt software that all users need to do is right-click on a file and select AES Encrypt. Once they set a password, it is very difficult to get into the file.

Download AES Crypt

13. SecurStick

Like the AES Crypt, SecurStick also uses the Advanced Encryption Standard to protect files on Windows devices. However, SecurStick only allows Windows users to encrypt removable media such as USB drives and portable hard disks. One of the disadvantages of SecurStick is that one does not need to be an administrator to use this encryption software.

14. Folder Lock

As the name suggests, Folder Lock is rather limited in the encryption features it offers. It is only a great option for Windows operating system users who just want to encrypt the folder on their device. It’s a light software which allows user to password-protect folders on Windows devices and removable devices like USBs.

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15. Cryptainer LE

This is one of the strongest encryption software available for Windows as it has 448-bit encryption for files and folders on Windows devices. The software helps to create multiple encrypted drives on the computer’s storage.

Download Cryptainer LE

16. CertainSafe

Certain safe is a multi-stage locking system. If someone wants to access a website, CertainSafe will make sure the website is safe, and it will also protect the website in case there are threats from the computer. The software also stores all encrypted files on different servers to protect them from hackers.

Download Certain Safe

17. CryptoForge

CryptoForge is one of the best encryption software for both individuals and organizations. The software offers professional-grade encryption such as encrypting files on computers as well as encrypting files and folders on cloud services. This is what makes it one of the best encryption software for Windows.

Download CryptoForge

18. InterCrypto

InterCrypto is excellent windows encryption software for encrypting media files such as CD encryption software as well as USB flash drive encryption. The software also creates self-decrypting versions of encrypted files.

Download InterCrypto

19. LaCie Private-Public

LaCie is the best open-source platform for encryption services as it is completely portable. People don’t even need to install it to use the application. The app is less than even 1 MB in size.

Download Lacie

20. Tor Browser

IP address of a computer.

Download Tor Browser

21. CryptoExpert 8

CryptoExpert 8 has the AES-256 algorithm to protect people’s files. Users can simply store their files in the CryptoExpert 8 vault, and they can also back up all of their files and folder using this software.

Download CryptoExpert 8

22. FileVault 2

Like the CrpytoExpert 8 software, FileVault 2 allows users to store the files they want to encrypt in the software’s vault. It has the XTS-AES-128 algorithm for encryption, which means it is very difficult for hackers. This is why it is also one of the best encryption software for Windows.

23. LastPass

LastPass is not essentially an encryption software for Windows that people can use to encrypt their files. Instead, people can store their passwords and other similar data on LastPass to protect it from hackers. This software can also help people recover their passwords if they forget. Users can download this software as an extension on Google Chrome

Download LastPass

24. IBM Guardiam

level of encryption on their files. It is arguably the most difficult encryption to break.

Download IBM Guardiam

25. Kruptos 2

Kruptos 2 is another great premium subscription encryption software. Many high-level financial firms use this platform to protect very confidential information. It not only offers encryption on Windows devices but also on Cloud services like Dropbox and OneDrive. It allows people to share files over the internet to compatible devices without worrying about safety.

Download Kruptos 2

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There are various encryption tools and software for Windows. Some offer niche encryption options, while others offer professional-grade security. Users need to decide which software to use based on what is the level of security they need. All the software in the above list are great options, and users will have a high level of security no matter which option they choose.