24 Incredible Websites to Create Cartoon Avatars Online 

If you are not open up to using genuine photographs of yourself in any online profiles and symbols, why not make an animated character of yourself? It will certainly be fun and one of a kind to others when you are speaking in a cartoonized way in your online profiles.

There must be some questions on your mind that why do you even need to create cartoon avatars online and use these cartoon characters. 

Following are the reasons mentioned below:

  • Protection against online fraud. Regularly programmers take your photographs from online web-based handles and use them inappropriately. 
  • Use it to mimic you for different accursed reasons. 
  • Avatars help in building up a solitary personality across various stages. With the assistance of Gravatar, use it across discussions, web-based social networking, and bind an interesting personality to your symbol. 
  • Online symbols last more and can save a lot of time. Animation symbols shouldn’t be refreshed as often as possible rather than genuine photographs. 
  • Also, you can view these sites by the hyperlink provided below each point.

24 Incredible Websites to Create Avatar Cartoons Online

1. Avachara Avatar

. This web page is great and offers you plenty of clothes and accessories to choose from. This website provides a wide variety of options to choose from. You can change the shape of your eyes, lips, etc. After that, you can also try various clothes and accessories. So try out this amazing website and enjoy its features.

Visit Avachara

2. Cartoonify

within minutes.

Visit Cartoonify

3. Face your manga

This is one of the best Avatar makers, which helps you in creating avatars online. Compared with other websites, this website has many features, such as adding blemishes, third-eye, scars, moles, etc. This app also gives you the ability to choose the shape of your eyebrow. With this website’s help, you can make the avatar from a picture via Face Your Manga.

Visit Face Your Manga

4. South Park Studios

You can build your avatar online within minutes on the site South Park Avatar. Southpark studio provides a simple design tool, and you will find several useful functions for creating your anime avatar. This is, therefore, one of the best online Avatar creators to use in 2020. So go ahead and try this cool website to create your avatar.

Visit SouthPark Studios

5. Marvel Superhero Avatar

You will enjoy all the features on this website, which other websites do not have. With the help of this website, you can give your favorite superhero the strength, or look like adding wings, using the Marvel Superhero Avatar tool. This is by far the best avatar fantasy designer on the internet. So, try out this amazing website and enjoy its cool features.

Visit Marvel Superhero Avatar

6. Pho.to

This is one of the best avatar maker websites which enables its users to turn any photo of the landscape into an aquarelle drawing. Similarly, you can turn your photo into an aquarium sketch using this website. Not only that but also Pho.to lets users change their facial expressions. So, go ahead and try out this cool website.

Visit Pho.to

7. Pick a Face

This is a great online avatar maker website. It provides a feature-rich photo editor, which results in a new touch to your image. Pick a Face is one of the most widely used avatar sites. It provides a large variety of options to choose from.

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9. My Blue Robot

This is one of the best avatar cartoon creators. The disadvantage of this website is that there are not many different options, as with previous apps, but it does offer some uniquely unique features such as changing the shape of your eyes, mouth, and head. You can even make your eyes and head look bigger if you want. So go ahead and try out the unique features of this website.

Visit AMy blue Robot

9. Manga: Turn Yourself into an Anime Avatar

This is one of the best online avatar creator websites as it allows you to become an Anime Avatar for yourself. With this website’s help, you can edit your eyes, lips, eyebrows, hair, and nose, and even add a ponytail, facial hair, and accessories. Try out this amazing website to create online avatars.

Visit Manga

10. Portrait Illustration Maker

It is one of the best online avatar cartoon creators. This website shows you random avatars from which you can choose the one which you like. This tool can even be used to edit the Avatars manually and use them on your blogs or websites. Try this amazing website, and you certainly won’t regret it.

Visit Portrait Illustration Maker

11. Gravatar

Your Gravatar is a site-by-site image next to your name when you are doing things like posting a blog or commentary. With the help of this site, you can create an 80×80 pixel avatar that will appear on web sites that have Gravatar activated and associated with your email address.

Visit Gravatar

12. Piccassohead

The Piccassohead is a website that allows users to use Picasso ‘s famous features to create their masterpieces. With the help of this website, you can create Picasso-like images that are easily converted into avatars. Try out this wonderful website.

Visit Picassohead

13. BeFunky

This is one of the best websites to create cartoon avatars online. You may be aware of the BeFunky Photo Editor if you belong to the photography sector because it is very popular there. The BeFunky web

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interface allows almost everything a user wants to create. To give your picture a cartoon look, you can use BeFunky photo editor and enjoy its cool features.

Visit BeFunky

14. Dude Factory

Dude Factory is one of the best free sites that enable users to create an avatar of themselves. Dude Factory is fabulous because it offers a wide range of clothes, accessories, and body parts to choose from. Each Dude Factory feature can be used freely as the interface of this website is very simple to use. So try out this amazing and helpful site.

Visit Dude Factory

15. DoppelMe

DoppelMe is a great website to create avatar cartoons online within minutes. DoppelMe enables you to create a graphic similarity between yourself, your friends, your family, or any other group of people for use as an avatar on social media websites such as instant messengers, blogs, and practically anywhere else on the website internet.

Visit Dopple Me

16. Kartunix

vector file (SVG) for making cool cartoons, manga styles, nice anime, etc.. So go ahead and try out this amazing website and enjoy its cool features.

Visit Kartunix

17. Avatar Maker

This is one of the best online websites to create avatars. You can create some awesome avatars using this website. Also, the interface of Avatarmaker is very clean and nicely organized. You can customize almost anything on the Avatarmaker, such as facial shape, eyes, hair, lips, and so on.

Visit Avatar Maker

18. GetAvataaars

GetAvataaars is a free avatar website that you can use to create a stunning, personal avatar. It offers two options for creating an avatar- users can either manually create the avatar or click the random button to find something. It is simple as well as fun to use at the same time. This is a great website, and you can certainly consider it for online avatars.

Visit GetAvataars

19. Charat

Charat is the best Japanese online avatar maker, using which you can form Chibi avatars of high quality. The interface of this website is very simple and easy to use. You will not face any difficulty or confusion when you are using this website. It offers its users pre-created characters, colors, various costumes, and so on.

Visit Charat

20. Place It Avatar Maker

gaming channels , you can choose Place It Avatar Maker undoubtedly. The Place It Avatar Maker user interface is attractive and the best online avatar maker to use in 2020.

Visit Place It Avatar Maker

21. Instructables

This is a great website that enables users to cartoonify any photo. Everyone can cartoon or create an avatar using the website Instructables. With the help of this website, you can create your avatar within minutes. So, go ahead, try out this amazing app, and enjoy its cool features. 

Visit Instructables


Voki is another best free online cartoon creator you can use to create a look-alike avatar, or yourself. This website provides users with a wide range of very useful personalization options. Not only that, but you can also use Voki to make the created avatars to speak your voice, and this is cool and unique!

Visit Voki

23. Pixton

Pixton is one of the leading online avatar creators that you can now use. Using the Pixton website, it is as easy to create avatars as MS Paint drawings. Pixton offers a large range of custom avatar characteristics, personalization, and coloring options for users. Also, Pixton has an amazing and interesting interface that attracts more users. So, go ahead and try this amazing app.

Visit Pixton

24. Shrink Pictures

This website is very simple and easy to understand. Also, if you are looking to create an avatar online using a simple method, then you must try to Shrink Pictures. This site shrinks your photo and transforms your image into an avatar. You can choose Shrink Pictures to create an avatar if you don’t want to go through all this customization stuff.

Visit Shrink Pictures

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These are the best 24 websites that will help you to create cartoon avatars online. Now, open these websites and enjoy their cool features. I hope the guide is helpful for you, keep on sharing it with others too. Thank you.