15 Best VPN for Google Chrome To Access Blocked Sites

While surfing the internet, you might have come across some websites which had restricted content and could not be accessed, leaving you in utter exasperation. Sometimes this would have happened with you while streaming a series or a film on Netflix, or playing a song on Spotify, that those platforms denied you to play the series or the song. Well, blocked sites are not new to you, and you might want to access some sites without getting yourself into trouble. You can gain access over these blocked sites through many methods, but in this article, you will know the best and the most feasible out of these methods, i.e., Using VPN for Google Chrome to access blocked sites.

Before getting started, you should know some facts about VPN.

What is VPN:

VPN or Virtual Private Network lets you hide your personal information, which the IP (Internet Protocol) uses to identify your device and location while you are surfing the internet. The information IP gathers through your credentials is sent to the concerned Network Providers, thus leading to denied access to the website.

15 Best VPN for Google Chrome To Access Blocked Sites

Here are some VPNs for Google Chrome to access blocked sites.


With the help of a GOM VPN, you can bypass any site for free on Google Chrome. You can use this VPN to access blocked sites with just a click, and it is 100% configuration free. It has the feature of superfast 1000 MBIT speed for unlocking servers and proxies.

With GOM VPN, you are good to go. Install the extension on Google Chrome, and just click on the icon on the rightmost bar over Google Chrome to activate it.


2. TunnelBear

This is another VPN amongst the best ones to access and bypass blocked sites. You can simply add this extension in your Chrome, and it is free to use. It has servers in more than 20 countries, making it operate on a wider scale.

TunnelBear logs connections but does not log your activity or traffic. It reduces your possibility for websites to track you.

Download TunnelBear

3. Dot VPN

Dot VPN is another Chrome extension that you can use for bypassing almost all restricted websites, video, and audio streaming services. 

Like other VPNs discussed above, it is secure and free to use. You can gain access over any website, even social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, using this VPN.

Download Dot VPN

4. Breakwall VPN

With Breakwall VPN, you can get access to every blocked or restricted site without compromising. Breakwall VPN delivers highly good speeds, even at restricted places. You will have to get a subscription to enjoy premium services, or you can use the trial instead to enjoy its features.

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5. Hola VPN:

Hola VPN is a decent yet useful extension that you can add on Google Chrome for bypassing various restricted websites. It is one of the best VPN for Google Chrome to access blocked sites that are free for use. 

You can enjoy much of its features in the free version itself. 

To gain access to all websites and to secure your traffic, you will have to subscribe to the premium version.

Download Hola VPN

6. ZenMate

IP address . 

This extension will protect your online activities and prevent you from being tracked by websites. Once added, you will be able to surf the internet anonymously without any limit, plus securing your traffic.

Download ZenMate

7. Cyberghost VPN-Proxy for Chrome

This extension is a VPN for Google Chrome to access blocked sites that are free to use, with online data encryption, obfuscated IP and access to all restricted content.

Cyberghost has more than 15 million satisfied users who derive its benefits. You will experience uninterrupted internet surfing with no risk of getting caught.

Download Cyberghost VPN Proxy

8. Unlimited Free VPN by Betternet

Betternet is another VPN for Google Chrome to access blocked sites that secures your browser’s connection while it is connected to a public WiFi or hotspot. You can anonymously browse over the internet at high speed with no restrictions on blocked sites. 

It can turn Public WiFi into the private network while ensuring the encryption of your IP and maintaining your privacy.

Download Betternet Unlimited VPN

9. Hotspot Shield VPN

This VPN allows you to surf the internet unlimitedly with your private credentials like your IP hidden, and traffic secured. It will protect you from outsiders and intruders, and your activities will remain with yourself.

It can be activated with a click, and you can subscribe to the premium version for more exceptional features.


10. SaferVPN – FREE VPN

bandwidth , and you can switch your location in just one click.

You can access any website from SaferVPN regardless of the site’s origin and country. It has its servers in more than 24 countries, which promises a high speed of internet surfing without any hassle.

Download SaferVPN

11. Touch VPN

Unprotected public WiFi and hotspots can secretly access your private credentials, and you can get into trouble. To avoid such a situation, you can add Touch VPN to your Google Chrome browser to access blocked content, maintain anonymity, and change your current location. 

This extension is 100% free, and you will not be asked for any trials. Your information will remain with you, and there would be no chance of anyone intruding.

Download Touch VPN

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12. Windscribe

Windscribe will not only give you unrestricted access to your favorite websites but also block malware and ads on the website to enhance your browsing experience.

It efficiently hides your current location and lets you browse restricted websites or content with a plan of 10 GB per month for free. If subscribed, it will give unlimited access to such content.

Download Windscribe

13. Tunnello VPN

Tunnello is an entirely reliable VPN for Google Chrome to access blocked sites and providing 100% privacy. It will unblock any website and app in just 3 clicks while securing your connection. 

To use Tunnello, you will get a 7-day free trial, but you will have to provide your card details for it. After the elimination of the trial period, you will be charged accordingly. 

By using this extension, you can bypass websites and avail services like booking flights at a lower cost after changing your location.

Download Tunnello VPN

14. Hide My IP VPN

You might be worried about your private information getting in somebody’s hands for his vested interests. Thus, you need to add this VPN on your Google Chrome browser to conceal your IP while surfing the internet, maintaining anonymity. 

Its premium version will give you access to other proxy servers for a better experience, which will cost around $11.52.

Download Hide My IP VPN

15. ExpressVPN

For maintaining the privacy of your identity and frequently visited sites, ExpressVPN is an imperative extension of Google Chrome, which can hide your identity and change your location. 

It will automatically connect to more secure versions of the same website, thus reducing your efforts and time. You can activate it in just one click and surf the internet without any apprehensions.

Download Express VPN

So, these were some of the best VPN for Google Chrome to access blocked sites and conceal your identity. These VPNs can be added on your Google Chrome browser in less than a minute, and they will perform their task well. You will be able to access blocked content without any extra effort, and some of them will make it convenient for you to use the internet regularly.